Electronic Medical Records (EMR) - For Doctors & Providers
infogleam enables hospitals/clinics to operate at optimum efficiency, eliminating unnecessary and time consuming paperwork, reducing medical record errors and lowering administrative expenses. With infogleams solution, your practice will be better suited to streamline workflow, increases profits.
Reduce your practices operational and physical storage space costs and improve insurance reimbursements with better coding and billing procedures.
infogleams totally integrated Electronic Medical Records (EHR) software solution enables hospitals, physicians and clinical staff to combine all the essential elements necessary for running a medical practice.

Buy utilizing infogleams sophisticated software package providers will be able to take advantage of analytical and transparent benchmarking tools, such as:

  •  Patient Registration & Scheduling
  •  Dynamic, instantaneous Dashboard reports
  •  Orders
  •  e-prescription solutions
  •  Lab agencies interface
  •  Progress note building
  •  Superbill
  •  Enhanced clinical workflow
  •  Meaningful Use Application

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